At five I knew I was in love
Just an inkling of what would come
The power of it all had not hit me yet
And I was still free to be young
I’d dance and laugh with my friends
And I didn’t know what inhibition meant


We could sing, we could cry
we could live, and never die
And yes, the sun still shines, but
never the same like when you were alive


As teenagers we went to prom
But we were no longer allowed to be young
We worked through it all as one
From the cheerleaders to the hunks
You said you loved me and we were together
You said you’d be there for me forever


It’s like one day we just grew up
And then childish things turned to love
What I would give to hold you again
Just jump off the swingset one more time
I have this odd fascination with your side of the bed
Wondering if one day you’ll just appear again


Our daughter has just turned 13
She’s just as beautiful as you thought she’d be
Last month was our anniversary
I couldn’t fall asleep, too scared of what I’d see
The roses in our backyard bloomed yesterday
I guiltily said hello to July


Your body is the only thing that left me behind
Your soul walked with me to the playground today
I sat on the swingset and looked at the grass
Remembered us twenty years ago
sitting here holding hands
I kick up my legs and start swinging high
I guess I came here today to say goodbye


Sung by Naomi Bindman

© 2008 Swingset by Ellen Bindman-Hicks | All Rights Reserved