Soon Enough

Once upon a time I thought that stars
were unreachable
but now I’m wondering if maybe that’s not true
Once I started questioning
what everyone said was true
I started realizing that no one has a clue
Everyone is too caught up in everybody else’s life
to see what’s standing right in front of them
My dreams are waiting right in front of me
can’t seem to grasp them but we’ll see
if anything comes of them
One day someone told me
that reaching for the stars
was a silly thing to do but I don’t think it was
Cause I know I will get there yeah
I know that I will reach them
soon enough, soon enough for me
The world is spinning clockwise but
my life is going counter clockwise
I wonder which of us is going the right way
Cause no one has it figured out
I know I haven’t figured out
which way to turn in this old world of ours
But when I look up at the stars
I know they’re shining there for me to see
to help me reach them someday
My tongue is sticking out at all the people
who stand in my way
they want me to play their games
But I refuse to play them yes
I do refuse to play them, cause
they’re holding me back and I won’t stop today
Today, today, I won’t stop today
Once upon a time I thought that stars
were unreachable
But now I’m realizing that never was true.

Sung by Naomi Bindman

© 2008 Soon Enough by Ellen Bindman-Hicks | All Rights Reserved