Rule Book to Life

I don’t even know if this is right
but no one has a rule book to life
I’m tired of pretending
that I know what to do
cause everyone can see that it’s not true
Inside I still feel like I’m ten
but my reflection’s telling me that that was then


I dreamed that my life spun by
without looking back and
I had no time to catch it
I was off track


Childhood is over,
my life’s in these hands
and never letting go
is my only plan
I’ve tried to be normal but it feels too fake
I’ve decided if I change I’ll do it for my own sake
I’ve seen too many people fail
basing their lives
on what other people say
but really you’re the one who drives
I don’t break that easily
I will keep fighting you will see


I’ve lost the ones I love as well
but most people cannot even tell
We’ve got so little time left in life here
and too many people are ruled by their fear
I know I’m not the only one
who doesn’t know what’s right
And after all I think we’re writing
our own rule books to life.


Sung by Naomi Bindman

© 2008 Rule Book to Life by Ellen Bindman-Hicks | All Rights Reserved