Night Leaping

I like to run at night with the wind surrounding me
And no one there to hold me back
to keep my spirit in
The fields will never stop for me, into infinity
The darkness protecting me I see that now
it won’t hurt me

I call it night leaping
I run until the world appears as one
runway into the sky
The clouds stretch before my eyes
and no one can stop me tonight

The heavens rain down on me
and I wonder why they are crying
The ground beneath my feet, it’s growing weaker
But nothing will slow me down
cause time is way too precious
The only light is the moon
and I know she is smiling

The beauty of the night
makes me sigh with the trees
I have watched the sun rise for so many years
I can’t miss anything
I run until I find the pavement
some days I hope I never will
Because sometimes I’m just not ready
to go back into reality

I’m grounded no matter how fast I’m going
I can come back
My body can’t hold my energy and I start flying
But I am not afraid of where I will end up
My legs may take me far away
but my soul will come back home

Sung by Naomi Bindman

© 2008 Night Leaping by Ellen Bindman-Hicks | All Rights Reserved