Naomi Bindman’s new album, Into Infinity, is a collaboration between her, Freddy Shehadi, and her daughter, Ellen. Ellen passed away six years ago at the age of seventeen. A precocious talent, Ellen wrote forty-eight songs, some of which she recorded and the rest of which Naomi gradually remembered. The songs are acoustic folk with a little bit of pop influence. They critique society, explore relationships, examine philosophical questions and express a mature wisdom. To keep Ellen’s music and spirit present, Naomi learned to play guitar and developed her performance skills at open mic nights. Naomi has released the 9-song CD of previously unrecorded Ellen songs, and has begun to write songs of her own. Into Infinity was produced by Freddy Shehadi, an Emmy Award winning guitarist and producer who has released six albums of his own, and will accompany Naomi for this concert. Shehadi has toured and performed with Martin Sexton, Jose Feliciano and Debbie Harry, and met Bindman at a Caffe Lena open mic night. They developed a creative partnership that led to the release of this fully produced album.