Ellen sang before she talked. Our home was filled with music and as a baby she would bounce up and down in time and sing “Ba-ba-ba” in tune with the melodies. I always knew where she was because I could hear her clear voice singing—not necessarily songs that she had learned, but often melodies of her own. When she was 16, Ellen decided to learn to play the guitar that had been her father’s. Shortly after learning her first chords, she wrote The Last Time. In the following year and a half, Ellen wrote 48 songs and was given the opportunity to record a dozen of them. The songs that Ellen chose for her CD, Write Me a Future, were mostly ones that she had recently written; they were more sophisticated than many of her earlier ones. The songs that I have performed on this CD are earlier ones, with the exception of Unsolved, her last song, written just days before she lost her life in a car crash. My life too ended in that moment. Performing Ellen’s songs has begun a new journey. Ellen wrote down the lyrics and chords, but the melodies existed only in her mind. I have done my best to recall and recreate her melodies. In essence, this is a collaboration between us.