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Night Leaping

I like to run at night with the wind surrounding me And no one there to hold me back to keep my spirit in The fields will never stop for me, into infinity The darkness protecting me I see that now it won’t hurt me I call it night leaping I run until the world […]

Rule Book to Life

I don’t even know if this is right but no one has a rule book to life I’m tired of pretending that I know what to do cause everyone can see that it’s not true Inside I still feel like I’m ten but my reflection’s telling me that that was then   I dreamed that […]


  I could say I remember your voice and I could even say I remember your smell but it’s been 15 long years since you disappeared and left me all unsolved   And that’s where the answers come in, yeah that’s where the answers lie would you lie? did you ever lie? did you see […]